From February 1, 2024, the entrance fee to Jurmala is 3 euros

From February 1, 2024, the entrance fee to Jurmala is 3 euros

From February 1, 2024, for entering the special regime area in Jurmala, a fee of 3 euros per day pass is required.

Where to purchase a pass for entering Jurmala:

  1. On the website
  2. At pass vending machines in the city of Jurmala
  3. At the Jurmala Tourism Information Center, Lienes Street 5
  4. In the Mobilly, Citadele, EuroPark apps
New Year’s Events in Jurmala 2024

New Year’s Events in Jurmala 2024

Jūrmala invites to celebrate the holidays together

Residents of Jūrmala and guests of the city are invited to enjoy the festive atmosphere in the decorated city. This year, there is still an opportunity to view art exhibitions in the city’s cultural spaces and attend the “Christmas Festival” concerts at the Dzintari Concert Hall, while at the turn of the year, there will be a joint New Year’s Eve celebration in Kauguri.

Joint New Year’s Eve celebration

Jūrmala invites you to spend the turn of the year together. At the event near the Kauguri Culture House (Raina Street 110) on the last day of the year, December 31, from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM, the New Year’s Orchestra will play, there will be a sing-along of winter songs, and opportunities to take instant photos. Before midnight, there will be a connection to the Latvian television broadcast, and the arrival of the New Year will be welcomed with colorful light shows.

Exhibitions in the winter mood

At the Jūrmala Museum (Tirgonu Street 29), there is an exhibition by the “Graphic Chamber” group titled “Post Scriptum. Graphics” and Baiba Mazere’s anniversary exhibition “Time Jokes…”.

At the Aspazija House (Z. Meierovica Prospect 18/20), there is an interactive exhibition for families with children “Max and Moritz. Translated by Aspazija”.

In the Bulduri Exhibition House (Muiza Street 6), you can see the competition exhibition “How Much is it Worth?”, a historical exhibition “Bilderlingshof-Bilderiņi-Bulduri”, and an exhibition of works by Valdis Bušs “Sun. Jūrmala. Lielupe”.

At the Jūrmala Cultural Center (Jomas Street 35), there is an exhibition by Ilda Sīlis “Leather Paintings”.

At the Jūrmala Art School (Strelnieku Prospect 30 k-2), there is an exhibition of works by students of the Jūrmala Art School “Feel Georgia”, created in collaboration with the Embassy of Georgia in Latvia.

At the Jūrmala Central Library (Strelnieku Prospect 30), there is a personal exhibition by the artist Antons Vaivods “Journey”.

At the Art Station “Dubulti” (Z. Meierovica Prospect 4), there is an exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian art “Tension, Resistance, Love. Short Version”.

“Christmas Festival” at Dzintari Concert Hall

Until the end of the year, there is still a chance to attend one of the “Christmas Festival” concerts offered by the Dzintari Concert Hall (Turaidas Street 1).

December 22 at 7:00 PM “Johann Sebastian Bach Christmas”. Aigars Raumanis and Aigars Reinis.

December 26 at 3:00 PM family concert “Chocolate Fairy Tale”.

December 30 at 6:00 PM Old Year’s concert. Kaspars Zemītis.

December 31 at 5:00 PM New Year’s concert with Gidon Kremer and “Kremerata Baltica”.

January 7 at 5:00 PM Orthodox prayers and Georgian polyphonic singing. Latvian Radio Choir, conductor Sigvards Kļava.

Tickets available at “Biļešu paradīze” sales points.

Jūrmala decorated for the holidays

This year, Jūrmala’s main Christmas tree is decorated in the pedestrian street beloved by residents and guests – Jomas Street, opposite the Majori parking lot. Decorated trees and Christmas decorations can also be seen elsewhere in the city – in the Dubulti square opposite the railway station, in the Dubulti Cultural Quarter, in the Kauguri park, and near the Kauguri Culture House. The festive atmosphere in the city is enhanced by holiday lighting on the streets and bridges – stylized Latvian patterns.

Christmas Services

For more information on cultural events and institution working hours, visit “Event Calendar”.


Apartments Livia invites you to enjoy a peaceful rest in Jurmala during the national holidays!

Apartments Livia invites you to enjoy a peaceful rest in Jurmala during the national holidays!

By choosing the LIVIA apartments, you will enjoy the cozy and functional interior of the LIVIA apartments and the unique charm of the resort town!

Offer period: November 10-20, 2023. Minimum 3 nights. We offer apartments with one bedroom/two bedrooms (max 4 guests).

📞 22 841 777 ✉️

Events at Apartments Livia during the holiday season: November 17-20, 2023:

🇱🇻 November 18 events in Jūrmala – from 15:30 “Path of Light” /everyone is invited to light their candle from the Lielupe Bridge to Jomas Street/,

🇱🇻 17:30 musical program “Path of Light” on Jomas Street /more info on events Visit Jūrmala/;

🇱🇻 November 19, Weekend Music. Daumants Liepiņš – solo concert at Dzintaru Concert Hall /tickets at Biļešu Paradīze/;

🇱🇻 Exhibitions at the Jurmala Museum /free entrance/;

🇱🇻 Outdoor exhibition “Jūrmala’s Wooden Architecture” in Horna Garden;

🇱🇻 Exhibition for the whole family “Max and Moritz. Translated by Aspazija.” at Aspazija’s house;

🇱🇻 A few steps away from the apartments is the well-known Jomas Street, filled with pubs for different tastes, rows of traders, and an everlasting festive atmosphere. Going in the opposite direction, a mere five-minute walk – the beautiful and ever-changing sea, a delight in every season.

We look forward to seeing you and will ensure you have a pleasant stay.

See you in our apartments! Have a great holiday season! 🇱🇻 🇱🇻 🇱🇻 

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Dear guests of Apartments Livia! On the 22nd of July, we will celebrate the Ķemeri Festival in Jūrmala!

Dear guests of Apartments Livia! On the 22nd of July, we will celebrate the Ķemeri Festival in Jūrmala!

The event organizers have ensured that throughout the day, there will be interesting activities for both adults and children: there will be opportunities to participate in various entertaining and educational activities with musical accompaniment, an arts and crafts and food market, as well as cafes. Guided tours of the park will be available, along with orienteering activities in the Ķemeri surroundings, allowing participants to discover the cultural and historical values of the resort. In the evening, there will be a festive concert and ball called “The Hall of Love” for the most resilient.

For more information about the events in Jūrmala, visit

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