1.Fire safety regulations

  1. 1.1. Leaving the apartment hotel room (hereinafter the Flat - Apartment), switch off the lights, open flame sources, television and other electrical devices (with the exception of fixed -added).
  2. 1.2. It is prohibited to store flammable and explosive items in the premises of apartment.
  3. 1.3. Taking into account the installed automatic fire detection and alarm systems, it is prohibited to smoke and use  open fire in an apartment and other hotel premises and in the territory , except in specially designated places ( the fine for smoking in prohibited areas - 30 EUR).
  4. 1.4. Usage of open fire, including grills or mangals not closer than 5 meters from the buildings.


2. Terms of using the inventory:

  1. 2.1. Flat-apartment hotel inventory - washing machine and tumble dryer may be used free of charge.
  2. 2.2.In case of damage to the inventory the client pays full amount (100 %) for repair or repairs it by agreement with the Hotel Housing Administration.
  3. 2.3.In case the key or gate control is lost, the client has to pay the full renewal fee for each lost key 30, - EUR.

3. Transport and parking regulations:

  1. 3.1. Parking of cars in the territory of the apartment hotel is allowed in places indicated by hotel employees or by prior consent.
  2. 3.2. Parking a vehicle in the internal parking lot of the hotel is allowed only for clients who lease a flat-apartment.
  3. 3.3.Parking on the lawn at the apartment hotel is forbidden.


  1. 4.1. When arriving pay attention to the inventory list in apartment. In order to avoid future disputes, after arrival and finding equipment damaged, notify immediately the Apartment Hotel Administration.
  2. 4.2. The recipient of the services of the Apartment Hotel - hereinafter referred to as the CLIENT, starting using the apartment room with equipment, as well as other services offered by apartment hotel takes full financial and legal responsibility with his personal signature and is committed to:
    1. 4.2.1. Using the apartment facilities and equipment in accordance with their needs and leave in the same condition in which the premises and equipment was received
    2. 4.2.2. The Client does not clean the apartment after the premises are vacated
    3. 4.2.3. Smoking and use of open fires is allowed only in specially designated areas. The penalty for smoking indoors is € 30,-
    4. 4.2.4. Use only the territory and facilities of the apartment hotel that are designated to the needs of the CLIENT
    5. 4.2.5. Avoid being in premises, buildings or territory not specified for the use of CLIENTS without the permission
    6. 4.2.6. CLIENTS are prohibited from carrying the inventory out of rooms, damaging, and otherwise moving ruthlessly the apartment inventory
    7. 4.2.7. In case the equipment is damaged, the CLIENT is responsible for all damage compensation according to the existing inventory value
    8. 4.2.8. When using the premises the CLIENT is to comply with fire safety, health standards and general cultural requirements
    9. 4.2.9. To use the premises and territory so as not to create inconvenience and danger to other guests of the apartment hotel or adjacent landowners
    10. 4.2.10. To comply with the Yurmala City binding Regulations 20/2007 in the territory of the Apartment hotel. (not to make noise especially from 23:00 to 7:00 , to secure  the peace of surrounding population) , and in case of breaking the regulations, report it immediately to the administration of the apartment hotel and / or local police
    11. 4.2.11. After using the room and territory leave the apartment hotel grounds at the time indicated, in accordance with the Contract or leaving time
    12. 4.2.12. The clients with animals are forbidden to stay in the territory and premises
    13. 4.2.13. Not to leave minors unattended in the territory and take care of their safety
  3. 4.3. Apartment dwellers leaving the room must switch off the lights, electrical equipment, close water taps. For property security reasons close the windows and lock the doors.
  4. 4.4.In cases of disputes, all issues should be addressed to the administration of apartment hotel.

5. Rules for staying with children:

  1. 5.1. Only the apartment hotel guests and their children are permitted to stay in the territory of the hotel.
  2. 5.2. Parents or adult accompanying persons are fully responsible for child safety in the territory of the hotel
    1. 5.2.1. Parents or accompanying persons are prohibited to leave children under the age of 10 unattended in the territory of the apartment hotel
  3. 5.3. Parents or accompanying persons are responsible for the child's designated type of playing / equipment suitability with a particular child's age. It is prohibited for children to play with toy tools inappropriate for their age.

6.  Safety regulations on water:

  1. 6.1. When swimming in Jurmala public beach vacationers themselves are fully responsible for their own safety.
  2. 6.2. Regulations for environmental protection, fire safety, hygiene, maintenance and cleanliness must be observed in the dune area.
  3. 6.3. Litter may be disposed only in designated containers.
  4. 6.4. It is strictly prohibited to install tents and burn campfires in the area of dunes.